Our Story

Kansas Turf, LLC was founded in 2008 by current President Jake Farrant. Over 30 years ago the Farrant family jumped into the golf course construction and sod industries. In 2008 the family was approached about building a football/baseball/softball complex in rural Kansas. The company brass wanted the focus to remain on golf courses and fitness, but Jake pursued the opportunity and Kansas Turf was born. Over the past nine years the company has grown from 3 employees to over 70. The list of capabilities and experienced operators set Kansas Turf apart from any other sports construction company in the midwest. Site work, golf course renovations, sports complex design and build, synthetic turf, natural grass, and cemetery renovations are some of the highlights of the company portfolio. Any of the Farrant entities are run through the same basic principles in life and business "Faith, Family and Future". Through our faith with our family we can build anything towards the future.

Our Team

Kansas Turf's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our business.

Jake Farrant


Jake is the definition of an owner-operator. Every project Kansas Turf is involved in was molded by Jake, whether he is the one running the equipment or planning all of the logistics of day to day operations. Mr. Farrant has been an owner of small businesses since he was 18 years old. The Farrant family runs several other small businesses in the area, ranging from preschool, pharmacy, and a gas station. 



Patrick Ross

Director of Sales

Coach Ross deciding to take a break from the college game to spend important years with family, coaching his son has always been his passion. So coming to Kansas Turf here in Meriden and joining the JW Coaching Staff allowed him to pursue that.

During Coach's tenure as a college head coach of 14 years he accumulated 107 wins, 4 championships, National Championship appearance, 8 post season appearances, coached over 800 players, produced 12 NFL players. 

Coach Ross had a vision for Kansas Turf and getting involved in the artificial turf industry. Patrick has seen the industry explode right under his feet during his coaching career and has extensive synthetic turf knowledge and a unique perspective over others in the industry.

Lacey Simmons


Lacey has over a decade of construction accounting experience. Lacey has been involved with Kansas Turf for 6 years. Lacey’s day to day role is the heartbeat of the company.  Her role expands well beyond the normal CFO.

Jeff Perry

Construction Manager

Jeff has over 35 years of construction experience. Jeff has an extensive background in site work and concrete and has been with Kansas Turf since 2011.

Bryce Farrant


Bryce has been with Kansas Turf since 2011. He handles marketing, accounting, human resources, and communication. 

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