Our Scope Of Synthetic Turf Services: One-Stop Shopping

At Kansas Turf, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project: From site construction and base building, installation, and maintenance, we will gladly take care of all your turf needs. We are very proud that we can offer every service needed to construct any sports field from A-Z.

Site Construction

State of the art technology and equipment allows us to streamline any base construction in a timely but meticulous fashion.

Turf Installation

Kansas Turf specializes in several Synthetic Turf installation methods, including - Butt Sewing, Cold Glue, and Hot Melt.


Sewing Turf

Butt Sewing is our preferred method of sewing providing a strong durable stitch while allowing the seam to lay completely flat, reducing the visability of seams.

Gluing Turf

We use cold glue and Hot Melt Technologies on seams, all numbers, letters, hashes, and logos are glued.

                            Hot Glue // Cold Glue

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